#March 26, 2020

Both of the suggestion panels use fuzzy-search, which means you get suggestions that are close to what you type. In using the emoji suggestion, you are exposed to many more emoji, which is fun 🧑 🎨

#New Features ✨

  • Suggestions can be triggered using / for a list of commands. At this time they are:
    • Callout, aside, headers, bullet list, math, dividers
  • Add emojis using the : command, 🎉 🚀


  • There are now prompts for command suggestions when the block is blank

#March 22, 2020

#New Features

  • Code can be added using `backticks`
  • Math can now be added using “$” and then typing your equation


  • Language improvements around the publish process
  • Enter & Escape in a math block now deselects and hides the latex input
  • Code formatting can be toggled with the shortcut Control/⌘-Shift-C
  • Code can no longer be bold/italic etc.

#March 19, 2020

#New Features

  • Add collaborators to a project with their username
  • See the users that are added to a project
  • Project settings can now be edited
  • Publish an article and be able to see it when not-signed in

#March 06, 2020

#New Features

  • Subscript, superscript, strike through, underline, including menu and shortcuts
  • Bullet point and numbered lists now have distinct styles (1. a. i.)
  • Horizontal line can be created with --- or ~~~
  • Improved block addition interface allows you to add above/below the current block
  • Remove block from article (currently does not delete the block)


  • Variable creation is less sensitive to spaces in the expression (type: x = 1 for a variable)
  • Node creations no longer selects node when created (type: {{ 40 + 2 }})
  • Clicking the menu items no longer jump you to the top of the document
  • Display values are now shown with an underline
  • Article title is now full width and can wrap to be multiline when editing
  • Improved style of inline code element and drag number
  • Iooxa logo now directs to your profile

#Bug Fixes

  • Bug allowing you to edit/paste into a block when it was not editable has been fixed.
    • Note: edits were never saved and only effected your local document
  • You can no longer nest Callout or Aside elements


  • Removed em-dash creation from shortcut -- as it conflicted with horizontal line